Finding ways to ensure we are as efficient and productive as possible

The productivity workstream is working across health and social care in Kent and Medway to deliver the best possible care for our patients by making the best possible use of our resources.

There are significant opportunities in Kent and Medway – running into millions of pounds – to free up more of our resources for frontline patient care. There’s a large variation between the prices our hospitals pay for the same goods and services. By working more efficiently, and matching the achievements of the best care providers in the country, we can put more of our resources where they really make a difference – into our frontline patient care.

We estimate we could free up as much as £190 million to re-invest in frontline services if we work as efficiently as the top performing health care systems in England.

What do we want to do?

  • Help our frontline clinical staff shape the most efficient ways of working. We work in lots of different ways. We need one way for our patients – the best way
  • We’re all paying different amounts for the same things our patients need. We need one price – and that’s the best price for everyone
  • Working as a single unified NHS that shares more and duplicates less – we need to think and work collectively rather than individually, both clinically and corporately
  • We need to do all of this at pace with immediate and ongoing productivity improvements to free up more of our resources for frontline patient care.

What have local people told us?

We know that no one wants to feel that the NHS and social care are wasting money. We know that you want to be sure we are getting the best value for the things we need to buy, and that we are working in the most efficient way possible.

What we have done so far

  • Our hospitals are working together to get the best price for all. We have already identified opportunities to reduce the cost of some of our common products
  • We’re supporting clinical teams to deliver high quality care through the use of the most effective and efficient products. We are looking at best practice in trauma and orthopaedics based on what the best hospitals do.

What are the next steps?


  • We’re reviewing our corporate services to see where we can work better together. We’re part of a national pilot scheme to help shape new integrated ways of working for the NHS as a whole
  • We are looking at opportunities to consolidate our diagnostic services to better support our clinicians and meet patient needs.

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