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The Kent and Medway Care Record

What is it?

The Kent and Medway Care Record (KMCR) is a single, shared care record for each patient who is cared for by the NHS or social services in Kent and Medway. Relevant information from the record will be able to be seen by all the health and care professionals who need to see it, and patients will be able to access their own records as well.

This represents a significant change for the health and social care system across Kent and Medway and is a legal requirement under the Health and Social Care (Safety and Quality) Act 2015.

Creating a shared record will:

  • Improve the quality of clinical and professional decision making: taking into account all relevant information, especially in complex cases.
  • Support better integrated care by sharing data for handovers and multi-disciplinary teams and enabling new models for delivering integrated care.
  • Improve safeguarding by ensuring that children and vulnerable adults that are at risk are immediately known as being so, enabling care decisions to be better informed and reducing the level of risk.

When will it be delivered?

There are three project phases:

  • Phase one – Solution design and market readiness – July 2017 to April 2019
  • Phase two – Procurement – April 2019 to December 2019
  • Phase three – Mobilisation – January 2020 to December 2021 (extending as business as usual to September 2026)

The KMCR system will ‘go live’ with some groups of health professionals from April 2020, gradually expanding across the Kent and Medway Health system. Patient access to the KMCR is scheduled from mid-2021.

How was it developed?

The initial specification for the KMCR was developed with input from technical and clinical experts from across the acute, mental health and community trusts in Kent and Medway, South East Coast Ambulance NHS Trust, GPs and NHS commissioners, as well as Kent County Council and Medway Council.

To ensure that the views of our community are reflected in the development of the KMCR, a robust engagement exercise was commissioned by the KMCR team to get the views of a wide-ranging cross-section of Kent and Medway residents on the proposals to create the care record.

What did our community say about the KMCR?

Between October 2018 and January 2019, we spoke to more than 200 people across Kent and Medway about the KMCR. They key themes that were identified from these conversations were:

  • Vast majority of people supported the concept of joining up health and social care records. The majority of people assumed it was already in place
  • A belief that the KMCR will improve the experience of patients
  • A belief that it will improve care
  • A belief that it will improve efficiency and speed of healthcare access
  • Concerns about confidentiality and levels of permissions to data
  • Concerns about security of the system
  • Concerns about its affordability and deliverability
  • Support for patients being able to access their records

Their views were incorporated into the tender specification and will help us to ensure that the KMCR not only delivers a wide range of benefits, but is also safe, secure and affordable.

You can read the full report here.

Where are we now?

We are currently working on selecting a provider to develop and deliver the system, and we are developing a Full Business Case that will need to be approved by the NHS organisations and local authorities that will be using it. We hope to be able to confirm this approval towards the end of 2019, and work with our chosen supply on developing the system to begin roll-out from April next year.

The patient-accessible version of the KMCR will be delivered in 2021.

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