Using digital technology to help you access health and social care services more easily

From new ways for patients and service users to access services to more efficient ways of working for our staff; digital technology brings us new opportunities to deliver better health and care services to our communities.

We know that people of all ages across Kent and Medway want to be able to make the most of digital technology when they interact with health and social care services – just like you would with banks and supermarkets.

We also know that people want their health and care teams to have easy access to medical records across different organisations. We also understand people need to feel confident their personal information is being kept safely and confidentially.

We are looking at a range of ways that we can deliver the benefits of digital technology across Kent and Medway. These include:

  • Getting easier access to information about health, social care and local services
  • Being able to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, check your clinical records and test results online
  • Asking clinicians questions by email, text or webcam chats
  • Doctors making online patient referrals to NHS specialists
  • Linking up GPs, hospital doctors and other professionals so they can communicate and work together more effectively
  • Being able to use information to improve and plan health and care services more effectively

The future of digital in Kent and Medway

  • The NHS Long Term Plan was published in January 2019, and sets out the national priorities for the NHS for the future. Digital health is a major theme of the Long Term Plan and, along with Kent and Medway’s existing Local Digital Roadmap, this will help drive the development and delivery of digital initiatives across the region including digitally-enabled GP and outpatient appointments, joined-up digital care records and a greater use of apps and other digital tools.
  • We have a working group made up of technical experts and clinicians who are working with the other workstreams. We take cyber security and information security and governance extremely seriously and have a workstream that is exclusively focused on the rules for sharing patient information and making sure records are stored securely and protected against cyber risk.

Our digital projects

Some of the Kent and Medway-wide projects that the STP is supporting the delivery of are (click on links, where available, for more information):

  • The Kent and Medway Care Record – a single, unified care record that contains information from every service that provides care in one place. This record will be able to be seen by patients, service users and the clinicians involve in your care.
  • The migration of NHS IT systems to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), the NHS’s new super-fast digital network.
  • Delivery of our analytics strategy, where we are improving how we use data to support better planning and delivery of healthcare.


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