The Sustainability and Transformation Plan

Our draft Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for Kent and Medway sets out how we think services need to change over the next five years to achieve the right care for people for decades to come. It will help us deliver the Five Year Forward View, which sets out the national vision for health and social care services.

The STP is work in progress. It describes what we think needs to be done differently to bring about better health and wellbeing, better standards of care, and better use of staff and funds. We will only be able to decide on and implement any changes following a period of engagement and consultation with local communities in Kent and Medway.

We need to make changes because our current health and social care system isn’t set up to meet the needs of today’s population. Many more people are living longer – which is great – but they want and need a different kind of care. Find out more about this in our case for change.

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The summary STP

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