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Plain text large print stroke consultation documentsResources, Stroke2018-02-02 13:03:48
Professor Keith Willett, Medical Director for Acute Care, NHS England, blogs on the changing nature of careLatest News, Resources2017-12-07 11:28:34
Conference report publishedLatest News, Resources2017-12-04 19:19:13
New reports published on listening and engagement eventsEast Kent, Latest News, Resources2017-11-22 14:53:33
Quit smoking figures reveal more smokers in Kent and Medway will kick the habit this Stoptober with help from local support servicesLatest News, Prevention, Resources2017-09-25 15:00:56
Watch our film about plans to improve health and care servicesCase studies, East Kent, Latest News, Medway, North Kent, Resources, West Kent2017-09-22 19:29:05
August Programme Board meeting updateThe Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Partnership Programme Board met on 14 August 2017. …Latest News, Programme Board, Resources2017-09-13 21:14:03
The Digital RoadmapDigital, Resources2017-08-16 12:28:17
July Programme Board meeting updateThe Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Partnership Programme Board last met on 10 July.  …Latest News, Programme Board, Resources2017-07-28 13:16:46
Tonbridge listening event presentationsOn 18 July we held a listening event in Tonbridge. The presentations from this event …Latest News, Resources, West Kent2017-07-24 08:20:17
Workstream membership listsFind out who’s who on the 10 workstreams that make up the Kent and Medway …Resources, STP workstreams2017-07-20 12:42:28
Communications and engagement workstream membershipResources, STP workstreams2017-07-20 12:17:11
System transformation workstream membershipResources, STP workstreams2017-07-20 12:16:15
Estates workstream membershipResources, STP workstreams2017-07-20 12:14:44
Digital workstream membershipResources, STP workstreams2017-07-20 12:13:47
Workforce workstream membershipResources, STP workstreams2017-07-20 12:12:16
Productivity workstream membershipResources, STP workstreams2017-07-20 12:11:08
Mental health workstream membershipResources, STP workstreams2017-07-20 12:10:33
Prevention workstream membershipResources, STP workstreams2017-07-20 12:09:26
Hospital care workstream membershipResources, STP workstreams2017-07-20 12:08:30
Local care workstream membershipResources, STP workstreams2017-07-20 12:07:19
Hospital care: getting your views on how decisions are madeGet involved, Latest News, Resources2017-07-14 11:48:09
New Romney listening event presentationOn 11 July 2017 we held a listening event in New Romney. The presentation from …East Kent, Latest News, Resources2017-07-14 09:05:40
Ashford listening event presentationEast Kent, Latest News, Resources2017-07-14 09:04:34
Programme Board update – JuneAt its June meeting the Programme Board received an update from the hospital care workstream …Latest News, Programme Board, Resources2017-06-30 17:51:19
East Kent Programme Board update – June 2017Read the latest update from the East Kent Programme Board meeting on 8 June 2017. …East Kent, Latest News, Resources2017-06-30 10:36:18
Share your views on our latest updateEast Kent, Get involved, Latest News, Medway, North Kent, Resources, West Kent2017-06-29 20:22:43
Concern for Health in East Kent meeting on Friday 16 June 2017We are committed to ensuring the local community has a voice in the long-term future …East Kent, Resources2017-06-15 10:12:36
West Kent listening events reportIn March we held two listening events in the west of Kent, one in Maidstone …Latest News, Resources, West Kent2017-06-14 13:39:52
East Kent listening events reportIn February we held a series of listening events across east Kent, one in each of our …East Kent, Latest News, Resources2017-06-14 13:39:35
Survey analysis publishedBetween October 2016 and December 2016 the STP Programme Board ran a survey of residents …Latest News, Resources2017-06-14 13:38:49
Programme Board update – April 2017A summary of the Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Partnership Programme Board meeting held …Programme Board, Resources2017-05-05 08:31:21
Who’s who on the Clinical BoardClinical Board, Resources2017-05-02 10:00:40
Presentation from PPAG meeting – 26 April 2017PPAG meeting presentation 26 04 17 << Back to PPAG pagePPAG, Resources2017-04-28 18:03:12
PPAG terms of referencePPAG, Resources2017-04-28 16:58:58
Presentation from Partnership Board – 20 April 2017Kent and Medway Partnership Board presentation – 20 04 17Partnership Board, Resources2017-04-28 13:27:51
Who’s who on the Programme BoardProgramme Board, Resources2017-04-25 17:29:57
Watch Medway CCG’s video: Improving resilience through innovationMedway, Resources2017-04-25 10:08:20
West Kent listening events presentations now availableIn March 2017 we held two listening events for local people to discuss plans to …Latest News, Resources, West Kent2017-04-21 11:58:29
The Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation PlanRead the full Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Plan Our draft Health and Social …Resources2017-03-21 14:53:24

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