Implementing the Long Term Plan: Proposals for possible changes to legislation

NHS England is inviting patients, NHS staff, partner organisations and interested members of the public to give their views on potential proposals for changing current primary legislation relating to the NHS. The success of the NHS Long Term Plan depends on the collective will to change the NHS for the better and improve services for everyone working in them and using them. Local NHS bodies need to be free to work together with partners, including local authorities, to plan and provide care around patients, not services or institutions, and the same is also true for our national organisations.

It’s possible to implement the NHS Long Term Plan without primary legislation. But legislative change could make implementation easier and faster. Local NHS bodies need to be better able to work together to redesign care around patients, and the same is also true for the national bodies. And the rules and processes for procurement, pricing and mergers create unnecessary bureaucracy that gets in the way of enabling integration of care.

NHS England have outlined eight groups of suggested legislative changes in the NHS Long Term Plan and are now setting out further detail. It is based on what they’ve heard from patients, clinicians, NHS leaders and partner organisations, as well as national professional and representative bodies, and it is intended to better enable NHS organisations to work collectively. These proposals are designed to solve specific practical problems that the NHS faces and avoid creating operational distraction. You can take part and ensure your voice is heard by completing the short survey, which is available online at: