To guide our work on improving health and social care for people across Kent and Medway we have agreed a clinical vision for how services should look in the future. Our vision is:

Quality of Life, Quality of Care.

Dr Fiona Armstrong, Clinical Chair of Swale Clinical Commissioning Group said: “This means we will focus on helping people to live healthy lives and put preventing ill-health at the heart of our work. For those that do need to use health and social care services these will support the physical and mental health needs of the individual, be accessible, offer high quality care meeting or exceeding national standards using the latest evidence and technology.”

To show what the vision means in reality, we have worked with the public to develop a set of “I” statements; which are the goals our services need to fulfil. We’ll know we are delivering our vision when local people and health and social care staff can answer yes to these statements. Some examples are below and you can see the full set of I statements here.

Quality of life Quality of care
I am empowered to take responsibility for my health and wellbeing, to make the best choices available to me to best look after myself and my family. I can easily navigate the system, as services are clearly sign posted and are integrated.


I know what help is out there – particularly in terms of social support and nonmedicalised support. Any concerns I have around my health and wellbeing are listened to and addressed as early as possible.
My health and social services have worked with me to develop a plan, so I can manage my own healthcare and access help if I need it. I have access to services that are open longer, with more convenient hours.


I can speak to someone about physical and mental health concerns.


I am given proactive support to manage or recover from my condition, so I can lead a healthier life.
As a member of staff, I feel encouraged to consider all of a person’s health, social and societal needs. I have access to specialised help when I need it.


As a member of staff, I know what the available services are and how to refer suitable people into them. I am listened to, involved in and enabled to make decisions about my care and support – no decision is made about me without me.


Bringing our vision to life

Dr Diana Hamilton-Fairley, Medical Director at Medway NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We know everyone has different needs and goals when it comes to health and social care support. To help bring our vision to life we’re developing stories that describe the services that people at different stages of life, from different backgrounds and with a range of health conditions can expect in the future. These stories will be good for people to be able to say, ‘I’m similar to them, so that’s what I can expect too.”

The stories will include people who are mostly healthy and only rarely use health or social care services through to patients with multiple complex health problems. We’ll be promoting these stories publicly and also using them to guide plans for improving services.

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