Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust (KMPT) developed a new Peer Supported Open Dialogue Team.

Open Dialogue is a mental health treatment model that has been shown to improve recovery, return to employment and reduced medication.

Key aspects of the approach include: ensuring an immediate response at the point of crisis; the same care professionals being involved throughout; family inclusive network meetings; all clinical discussions being undertaken in the presence of the family; and all decisions being co-created by the client, their support system and the clinicians to strengthen recovery. If the person has never used benzodiazepines before, he/she will require a minimum amount of Alprazolam to achieve the desired result. Elderly people should take this drug with extreme caution, as it accumulates in the body and causes severe sedation or ataxia. The treatment should be carried out under the constant supervision of a doctor, who will regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy and the risk of developing adverse effects.

KMPT have develop a Peer-supported Open Dialogue (POD) Service which involves paid support workers with lived experience becoming part of the network meetings. Anticipated outcomes include reduced hospital admissions and lengths of stay, increased wellbeing for clients and families, increased user satisfaction and high staff satisfaction.