Encompass is a multispecialty community provider (MCP). Led by the Whitstable, Northgate and Saddleton Road medical practices, it includes 13 other practices across the Canterbury and Coastal Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) area.

The new model will ensure health and social care is integrated and based around local needs and patients can receive more of their treatment in their communities, rather than having to travel to hospital. It will involve joint working across professions and organisations to improve efficiency and reduce duplication.

Encompass is focussing on developing a seven day a week expanded primary care team approach. This will reduce hospital admissions and length of stay through expansion of community health and social care teams.

The aim is to create a more cost and clinically effective service by treating patients closer to home using specialist GPs, allied health professionals and community based consultants. There will also be a greater use of information technology, to enable people to maintain their independence through self-care and self-management, and a shared single electronic patient record.

Three health and social care hubs will also be created and will include community hospital beds, nursing home beds and extra care facilities. Additionally, focusing on prevention will ensure that the whole health and social care system is working seamlessly to support people to stay well.

The MCP operates on an inclusive basis with a federation of GPs working in partnership with everyone involved in health and social care, including the voluntary sector and patient groups.