In January 2017, we published the Local Digital Roadmap for Kent and Medway which looks at the IT landscape for our area and the priorities and ambitions that we have for making technology work better for patients and clinicians.

Our vision is for the Local Digital Roadmap to:

  • Facilitate and encourage the Kent & Medway population in improvement of their health and care.
  • Join up health and social care and other providers of care services by transforming the way care professionals record information, transact and communicate with patients and staff.
  • Support self care and support carers.
  • Enable more informed decision making.

The Roadmap will encourage service user empowerment through technology and will drive the use of familiar consumer technology to support greater self-care, improvements in health and wellbeing, and access to services.  It will use real-time and historic data to support predictive modelling and improvements in clinical service delivery at point of care. It will promote clinical surveillance and improvements in intelligence through research programmes.

The Roadmap will enable the replacement of all paper based care professional to care professional clinical and social care correspondence with digital communications.