The eight clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Kent and Medway have all agreed they want to merge to form a single CCG.

This is a first step towards Kent and Medway becoming an integrated care system, with health and care organisations working together much more closely than in the past.

We strongly believe this will improve the quality of life and quality of care for our patients, and will help people to live their best life.

The decision was taken by the GP members of each CCG, and supported by the governing bodies.

The application will be submitted to NHS England and NHS Improvement on Monday 30 September. Their decision is expected in November. We hope to get the go-ahead to form a single CCG from April 2020. It will incorporate much of the system wide work currently undertaken by the sustainability and transformation partnership.

Thank you to everyone who provided comments either at meetings or through surveys. The proposal was significantly improved as the result of discussions with patients and members of the public, GPs, the Local Medical Committee, staff, and other parties.

For instance, it includes commitments about how input from local people and doctors will support the work of the single CCG.

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