About us

The NHS, social care and public health in Kent and Medway are working together to plan how we will transform health and social care services to meet the changing needs of local people.

The Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Partnership has been set up by local health and care leaders. We are focussed on how best to encourage and support better health and well-being, and provide improved and sustainable health and care services, for the population of Kent and Medway.

The Partnership is a collaboration of all NHS and top tier local authority organisations across Kent and Medway, all of whom are involved in the planning, provision and delivery of health and social care services in this area. The Partnership oversees the development of the health and care Sustainability and transformation plan for Kent and Medway.

How we work

Below is a diagram showing the programme governance structure. We will add more information here soon about our ways of working.

This animation explains more about Sustainability and Transformation Plans


Read the Sustainability and Transformation Plan that was published in November 2016





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