Leaders in both commissioning and provider organisations in our area generally agree there should be a strategic commissioning function for Kent and Medway.

The System Transformation workstream has recently been set up to look at this in more detail.  Its role would focus on strategic planning, resource allocation and commissioning those services which serve a large population and operate on a Kent and Medway-wide basis.

This function would work alongside local commissioning for local populations – through local accountable care systems. There are areas of complexity to work through, for example, exactly how NHS England specialist commissioning, local authority commissioning, and day-to-day NHS commissioning could be better integrated and work in practice; what the future shape of provider organisations should look like to deliver the very best services for local people, and how best to define and identify appropriate accountable care systems for Kent and Medway.

This workstream is still at an early stage, however work is progressing at pace and we will share updates and details of ways to get involved and share you views as they become available.